Healthy Choices Can Be Fun!

Women of the Dream's Healthy Choices Can Be Fun! was a two-year program funded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey in partnership with Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Camden County’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) to deliver nutrition education targeting middle-school girls at Bonsall and Cream Family Schools. A Community Assistant Educator trained at Rutgers University utilized an evidence-based curriculum entitled “The Power of Choice” designed to help build decision-making skills that promote healthier eating and activity choices in real-life settings. The curriculum was interactive, offering participants a chance to practice learning by doing, such as making healthy drinks, food and snacks, both onsite at the schools and during visits with the top chefs at Campbell Soup Company in Camden. The girls learned the relationship between healthy food choices and exercise through physical fitness classes, comprised of aquatic exercises and zumba classes, at the Salvation Army's KROC Center in Camden.

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