Leslie Morris, Founder & CEO, Talks to Oprah Winfrey About Women Of The Dream

February 13, 2020

Leslie Morris, Founder & CEO of Women of the Dream, attended an Oprah Winfrey National Tour event on Saturday, February 8, 2020 in Brooklyn, NY. During the event, she was able to speak with Oprah about the teen girls in her Women of the Dream organization. Today Ms. Leslie couldn’t wait to tell the girls all about her VIP experience while seeing Oprah at the event. The girls listened and applauded as Ms. Leslie shared the wisdom she gained from seeing Oprah and former First Lady Michelle Obama on stage. Ms. Leslie could not stop sharing about Oprah’s generosity, her perseverance and her determination to achieve her success and all of the ways in which Oprah shares her resources with the world. The highlight of the morning session was when Ms. Leslie showed everyone her VIP guest pass and all of the goodies she received in her gift bag. Today was such a special event for all of the teens in the room—to see Ms. Leslie full of joy as she shared the highlights from one of her most memorable moments in her life.

2–8-2020 Oprah WW2020—Brooklyn,NY Show #5,

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