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Women of the Dream, Inc. is a 501-C-3 organization that provides program services to girls and young women, ages 12-18, in underserved communities, and prepares them for personal, career, and economic success.

Women of the Dream uses a school-based model. Coordination and provision of all services, programs, and activities occur through partnerships with schools. All school-based program services are provided at schools during school hours.


To empower, cultivate and inspire young women in the city of Camden, New Jersey, and beyond to succeed in every aspect of their lives. 


We envision a world in which all girls and young women, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Target Population

Girls and young women, ages 12-18, in Camden, NJ and other underserved communities.


Our model is school-based in that our core program services and activities are coordinated through partnerships with schools. Our core services are the Life Skills, Girls Talk, and College Prep, Career, & Workforce Readiness Programs. These program services are provided in a group format at middle-and high schools during the course of the school day and are complemented by socially and culturally relevant activities beyond the classroom setting.

The annual STEM conference for girls and the Women of the Dream scholarship does not require enrollment in Women of the Dream. The former occurs each year in partnership with Drexel University in Philadelphia and is open to all girls in grades 7-12 in Camden and beyond. Similarly, the Women of the Dream scholarship is open to all senior girls enrolled in public, private, or charter schools in Camden with plans to pursue post-secondary education.

Program Model

Program Services

  • The Life Skills Programs target girls in grades 7-10, focusing on character education, positive self-identity, career, academic preparation, financial literacy, conflict resolution, household management, peer and family relationships, and other relevant life-skills topics.
  • The College Prep, Career & Workforce Readiness Program targets girls in grades 11-12, preparing them for success in college, trade school, the workforce, and other aspects of their lives. The highlight of this program is that it offers hands-on assistance with college and financial aid applications, essay and resume writing, job applications, and job interviews.
  • Girls Talk addresses issues of trauma and trauma management. Participants are selected through a screening process at our partner schools.
  • The Scholarship Program assists participants in the College Prep, Career & Workforce Readiness Program with the Women of the Dream scholarship application.
  • The Annual STEM Conference partners with Drexel University in Philadelphia for a full-day conference in Philadelphia where girls in grades 7-12 learn about careers in STEM and meet and network with women of color in STEM. The STEM conference does not require enrollment in Women of the Dream. It is open to all girls in grades 7-12 from Camden and beyond.
  • Socially and culturally relevant activities include visits to colleges and job sites, trips to museums and other cultural sites, participation in workshops, teen and leadership conferences regionally and nationally.
  • Women of the Dream collaborates with other nonprofit organizations that serve young people in underserved areas.