College Prep, Career & Workforce Readiness Program

Women of the Dream's College Prep, Career & Work force Readiness Program prepares girls in grades 11 and 12 for college, the workforce, and for a wide spectrum of professional careers within the global marketplace. Girls enroll during the junior year in high school and graduate at the end of the 12th grade. Sessions occur weekly and are complemented by relevant activities such as visits to colleges and corporate sites, leadership training, and networking opportunities with successful women of color.

WOD Founder and CEO Leslie Morris states, “Young people in underserved areas face several challenges both in and beyond high school. This program not only helps build girls' confidence to pursue college and career success, but also prevents girls from falling between the cracks by engaging with supportive and caring mentors that will guide them through the college application process and reinforce their efforts toward future success."

Funding for this program is provided by PNC Bank Foundation, and partnerships include Baines College Consulting, Rutgers-Camden, Delaware Valley School of Etiquette, and Drexel University.