WOD Launch Event

With generous support from The Campbell Soup Company, Women of the Dream’s initial launch event on May 2, 2014 brought together powerful professional women from diverse industries with 15 teen girls from Camden High School.  Three of the girls were already mothers and all were struggling within the poorest city in the county.  The inspirational program consisted of engaging, interactive panel discussions and workshops designed to motivate and guide teens to achieve their fullest potential.  During this initial event, statements from the girls let those in attendance realize the importance of this work.

Quotes From Launch Event

These quotes from the teens who attended our launch event are powerful statements that illustrate the positive impact exposure to success can have upon young girls.
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"I learned that no dream is unattainable."

"The one thing I learned from the launch event was that you shouldn't let where you come from and what you've been through dictate your future or your identity."

"I learned to put myself first and listen to myself and not others."

"I learned that anyone can succeed in anything."

"I want to be as powerful as the women at the launch event."

"I didn't know powerful black women existed on that level."

"Uma go home and break up with my sorry boyfriend!"

"I wish I had waited to become a parent."